Your creative juices have dried up? Your muse has gone on strike?  The blank computer screen is staring back at you and you’re breaking out in a cold sweat?  Oh, I get it!  Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get started ….well, I’m here to help!  Included in this section are some writing prompts and exercises to try. They’re things that have helped ME with writer’s block so take a sample. I’ll update this section periodically and no pressure… they’re not an assignment or requirement. 🙂

PICTURE PROMPT:  Use a picture as the starting block for a writing activity.

Girl with Shoes

*  Create a story synopsis for this character. A synopsis is a short description of what occurs during the story. Think of it like an overview of the story.








* Write the scene that led up to this moment.







WHAT IF?:  Use the question to visualize and write a story!

*  What if an argument broke out between the items in a lunchbox?

*  What if you woke up one day with wings on your back?


DIALOGUE: What type of conversation would you hear between the following characters?

*  A school librarian and the elderly janitor who confesses he cannot read.

*  A misunderstood bully and his favorite dog, Fluffy.