I offer a variety of presentations and workshops for schools, libraries, and educators. Listed below are examples of presentations that I have given in the past. Presentations can be tailored for the needs of students and budget – just let me know and we’ll construct an educational and aspiring event for your program!

Previous Workshops 

Meet and Be A Writer (grades K-3):  A two-part presentation beginning with a look into the life of a children’s writer. How do I get my story ideas? How do I get editors to look at my manuscript? How does a book get published? The second part allows students to become the writer using activities from my book, DOT-TO-DOT STORIES.

Young Writers Workshop (grades K-3): A session composed entirely of creative writing activities. Students are guided through a series of grade-appropriate exercises to broaden their vocabulary, expand their understanding of story structure, play with character dialogue, and construct concise story synopses.

Life the Writer’s Life (grades 4-8): A two-part presentation beginning with a look into the life of a children’s writer. How do story sparks become full stories? What are the key components to be aware of when creating a story? What is the publishing process like? In the second half, students become authors during a fictional story writing session.

Young Authors Workshop (grades 4-8): An intense writing session! Students are led through a series of activities which look at story synopsis, plot development, believable dialogue, character development, and satisfying story resolution.

The Flexibility of Nonfiction (grades 3-8): A workshop that focuses on the diversity of nonfiction writing including informative writing, creative nonfiction, poetry, articles, and personal narrative.

Previous Assemblies / Presentations (suitable for large groups)

Meet and Greet (all grades):  Students gain insight on the writer’s life including inspiration, daily activities, and the process of publication. Includes a reading of one of Monica’s books and a Q&A session.

The 7 Myths About Writers (all grades): Students get a behind-the-scene view into the life of a writer. They’ll be enlightened to know that writers are not required to be good spellers and that professional writers don’t always write things perfectly the first time. Using personal experiences and industry insight, I share the joys and troubles of being a professional writer.

Writer’s Block First Aid Kit (grades 4-8): In a comical fashion, I introduce the phenomenon of writer’s block and the symptoms that students might experience. We then create a ‘first aid kit’ against the condition – tools to spark imagination, collection of tidbits for inspiration, journal writing, etc. Students leave with a plethora of tools to keep their creativity flowing.

In-Service Workshop for Educators (approx. 2 hours)

The Journey of Creativity – Creative Writing Tools for the Classroom: The objective of the workshop is to showcase a multitude of creative writing exercises which educators can use immediately in the classroom. Includes: literature analysis, vocabulary builders, creativity sparks, character development, and making nonfiction fun.


PRICING – pricing is tentative and dependent on needs of the school and/or program.

** Classroom Workshops: Full day $500 which includes 4 classroom workshops at 45-60 minutes each

** Assemblies:  $250 each

** In-Service Workshop for Educators: $300 (maximum attendees 30) Does not include pricing for supplies which can be photocopied by the school or invoiced separately.

** ADDITIONAL FEES: Costs such as transportation, hotel accommodations, and food expenses will be agreed upon prior to the presentation.